Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First Draft Finished!!!

What's Happening?

My writing journey is going well. I pray yours is, too.

At the moment, I am waiting to hear from the beta readers for my Sci-fi story. Heartbreaking sadness has happened in several of their lives, so I am not pressing to get it back. Life and healing is more important.

In the meantime, I've just finished the first draft of my current WIP (Whisper Willows). I LOVE the characters in this story. I'll tell you more about them some other time. :) I think I mentioned before that this book is also designed to help struggling readers and will be an ebook.

I've already jumped into the second draft. During this draft, I'll work on adding more details, adjusting some scenes that need more work, etc.

So, what are you working on right now? :)

Keep on doing what God has called you to do!!

Blessings - Kimberli

Monday, June 09, 2014

Children's Sci-fi with Beta Readers

I have given several people a copy of my manuscript to give me their honest opinion. It is taking a while as they all have very busy lives. I am so thankful they are willing to do this for me. They are a blessing!

I also have a friend who is an exceptional artist. He has offered to take time out of his busy schedule to try and come up with some character sketches. I'm excited to see what he's done.

All of these things take time, energy, and patience. When people selflessly give of their time to help you with your project, please remember to pray for them. It's not easy.

I must admit that I'm very excited about going through the self-publishing process. That may change later on, but I am blessed to know many who have gone through it and hopefully they will help. :)

I'll keep you updated.

Keep writing!!! Finish that manuscript BEFORE you begin edits!!!!!

Blessings - Kimberli

Saturday, March 15, 2014

First Round of Edits are Completed!!!

Hey! Guess what?!

That's right. I finished the first round of edits for my easy-to-read children's Sci-fi chapter book.

Now I search for a young beta reader to tear it apart. :)

Let the search begin!

Blessings - Kimberli