Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Snowfall - a short story

By Kimberli Reneé Campbell

“Don’t let go!” Sara screamed to her younger brother, Craig. Sara fought the temptation to turn to check on him for fear she would lose her grip and fall.

How much further?

The snow fell much heavier and faster now, making visibility impossible. The temperature had to have dropped at least five degrees. Sara’s small fingers froze even inside her heavy gloves making it difficult to hold on. The snow collecting inside her coat sleeve froze her exposed wrists.

I’m so cold. Maybe falling wouldn’t be so bad. Sara shook her head to rid herself of the dreadful thought. She had to make it, for Craig.

“We’re going to make it, Craig.” She called back to him. No answer. Is he still there? Had he fallen? I would have heard him fall. Right? Sara’s heart jumped into her throat. If he fell, she would only have herself to blame.

She continued to press on, believing Craig was still with her. Excruciating pain coursed through her fingers with each movement.

Could that be...? Sara felt a surge of adrenaline shoot through her when she realized the foothold lay just inches away. “We made it, Craig!”

Sara swung her legs, praying they’d reach. With her feet barely touching, she pushed herself forward trying to jump the rest of the way. To her horror, the surface had become icy. Sara’s feet slid up from under her and began to fall. She failed. It was over. She closed her eyes. Maybe it won’t be so bad.

A shadow loomed over her.

“Can we go in now, Sara? I don’t want to play on the monkey bars anymore. It’s too cold,” Craig said.

Sara stood and brushed off the snow. Taking her five-year-old brother’s hand, Sara and Craig went into the house to play. Her snowfall adventure would have to wait until tomorrow.

Copyright © Kimberli Reneé Campbell

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