Sunday, April 17, 2011


Setting a "finished" story aside for a few weeks can be beneficial.

I thought my second manuscript was ready for print. It had been through the fire by several people and I gave it a quick one last glance. After months passed, I began to hear the inner calling from the Lord telling me to look at the manuscript. I didn't. He continued, so I stopped fiddling with other things and obeyed.

As I slowly read through the manuscript, finding error after error, I stopped and gave thanks to the Lord (after apologizing for procrastinating) for telling me to give it another look. I found three pages worth of things that needed to be fixed.

Now, I know that even after making the changes, there will still be mistakes. That's just how things go. But, at least there will be a few mistakes and not over thirty.

So, I encourage you to please do two things...

1. If possible, please set your manuscript aside for a few weeks.
2. Dust it off and read it nice and slow...with a pen and paper handy.

Blessings to you!!

Sincerely - Kimberli

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