Friday, October 07, 2011

Author Spotlight - Caprice Hokstad

Please enjoy my Q & A with author Caprice Hokstad!!

- Where do you get your ideas for your stories?

I really don’t know. I have a very weird brain and thoughts pop into it without any return address.

- Was it hard to develop a writing style?

Huh? I’m not even sure I know how to develop a style. I just write. If I have a style, I didn’t do anything to impose it. It’s just me.

- Do you find a part of your personality sneaking into any of your characters?

Yes. More with villains than heroes. But isn’t that what makes it fun? It’s socially acceptable to plot the perfect crime for a character to pull off. Characters can say and do what I can’t.

- Do you use outlines or let the story develop on its own?

I didn’t use an outline for The Duke’s Handmaid at all. I made a very rough one for Nor Iron Bars a Cage, but even when I use outlines, they are very loose and I do a lot of seat-of-pants fill in.

- What do you want your readers to take from your book(s)?

I want them love the story. I want them to feel elated for the climax, but sad because it’s over. I want to leave them hungry for more. I want them to pass it on to a friend or two or five. I want them to feel strongly enough that they go post a review on Amazon or sit and write me an email just because they feel like they need to talk about it.

- Can you share any upcoming projects with us?

My short story/mini-novella “Fettered Soul”, which is a prequel to my novels appears in the bestselling anthology “Aquasynthesis” from Splashdown Books. My seaQuest fanfiction is presently available for free at I am finally writing the third book of my Ascendancy Trilogy, as yet unnamed, but should be released in 2012.

- Where can readers find your books and contact information?



I would like to thank Caprice Hokstad for taking the time to participate in this author spotlight.

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Frank Creed said...

Caprice is a great writer--check out her fiction!

Kimberli Renee' Campbell said...

Awesome!! Thank you, Frank!