Monday, August 05, 2013

Hello! :)

Oh my! February was the last time I posted....SORRY! :)

So, what's been going on in my writing world, you ask? Let's see....

1. I've finished the edits for the third book in the Shayia's Adventures series. Now I wait to hear from my publisher.

2. The Lord has given me several new story ideas to put in my journal. I'm so excited to work on them.

3. I've had the awesome and humbling opportunity to critique some great stories. (If you're not in a strong critique group, please find one!)

4. I'm working hard on my WIP (work in progress), which is another easy-to-read book. However, it's a little bit more challenging length wise. The books in the Shayia's Adventures series had 16 chapters. This sci-fi story will have at least 35. They are very short chapters, though.

Well, there's probably more, but with my memory... :)

I pray you are working hard on whatever you are called to do.

Blessings - Kimberli

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