Friday, December 16, 2011

Author Spotlight - Nick Giannaras!!

Please enjoy my interview with author Nick Giannaras!!!

When did you feel called to write?

When a lady spoke into my life, saying that there were untapped talents that needed to be revealed, I haven’t stopped since.

Have you dealt with writer's block? If so, how did you overcome it?

Hmmm, the main way I deal with it is I sit down with my wife and verbally discuss the story up to the sticking point. On many occasions she has come up with an idea or a tidbit that sparks new ideas for the story to continue. Gotta love her!

Do you find a part of your personality sneaking into any of your characters?

Yes. In my trilogy, Relics of Nanthara, I’ve found several of my traits in more than one character. Odd that it played out like that, but I try to spread the love.

Were there any scenes you found difficult to write? Made you angry or made you cry?

There wasn’t anything too difficult to write. Although the scene of the alliance fleeing Annotin after their confrontation was a bit unnerving as I pictured myself in the scene.

What do you want your readers to take from your book(s)?

I want their hearts touched by what the characters experience
to the point of wanting to change their own lives for the better. Although it is YA, I try not to sugar coat the stories, and I am not afraid to portray real world strife and horror in my stories. It’s not hidden from the kids today, so why hide the truth in words?

Can you share any upcoming projects with us?

Currently, I am finishing up Relics of Nanthara: Dawn of the Apocalypse, Book 3 in the trilogy, and I have several other projects in the works at various stages of completion. One is a Sci-Fi superhero, The Nuclear Fist Chronicles; three take place in Nanthara, The Onyx Tomes (taking place 30 years after the trilogy); Sons of the Trident (most likely a trilogy); and We Came To Die (a mercenary seeking revenge after being left for dead). I also have a historical fiction, Enemy Within The Ranks.

Where can readers find your books and contact information?

For The Relics of Nanthara trilogy, my website is Once the others show, I will either create a separate site or link them.

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