Monday, April 02, 2012


So, you have an awesome story the Lord has given you to share with others. What next?

The first thing you need to do is outline the story or jump right in and go for it.

Once you've decided your method and your ready to begin, the most important thing to remember about the first draft is...WRITE FIRST - EDIT LATER.

There will be plenty of time for edits. Trust me.

On your first draft, allow the story to flow from the passion in your heart and become tangible. So many wonderful stories are abandoned because we allow ourselves to get distracted and begin editing our work as we go. We start changing and correcting things, and before we know it, the story's dead.

Please don't let this to happen to you.

I encourage you to ignore the editing monster and complete your first draft! You can do it!!!!

Happy writing!

Blessings - Kimberli


K to the A to the T said...

Happens to me all the time

Kimberli Renee' Campbell said...

You can do it, Kat!!