Monday, July 23, 2012

Blessed at ICRS

I had a wonderful time at ICRS even though I was only there for a couple of hours. (Getting there and back home....a different story.) :)

At ICRS, I met some sweet people. Some offered to put my books in their church library and others wanted to gift them to young family members. It's exciting to know my book is being read all over the world. I pray the Lord is glorified.

Due to the short time being there, I was not able to meet other authors. If the Lord opens up another opportunity for me to go next year, I will make sure I meet at least one or two. I did see Ms. Tosca Lee for a brief moment. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet her and Mr. Ted Dekker when they had a signing a month ago in Lincoln, NE.

If you have the opportunity to attend ICRS, please do.

I have a lot of writing and critiquing to do. :)

Happy writing and reading!!

Blessings - Kimberli

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