Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ICRS is coming soon!!

ICRS stands for International Christian Retail Show. I've had two book signings, but this is my first big event. I'm nervous. Not so much about the event. It's getting there that makes me jittery. I have to take a plane. A plane!!!

Although I would greatly appreciate your prayers for a safe journey for all, I'd like to ask for prayer for the event. I will be there for two hours signing books. However, I fill has if the Lord wants me to minister to others. I'm not sure who He needs me to minister to, but I want to be prepared.

So, friends, I ask that you please pray for this event and all the Lord wants to accomplish.

Thank you!

If you're going, I hope to meet you.

Let's get some writing done today!

Blessings - Kimberli


Angela D. Meyer said...

Coming to you by way of Wordsowers Writer's Group. Sounds like exciting times! Glad you posted your information. Be sure and keep us updated on events and such. Blessings! And safe travels :-)

Kimberli Renee' Campbell said...

Thank you, Angela!!